​​​​​​​Eastern Shore Custom Clubs 

​​​​​A full service professional club fitting and repair center, utilizing the latest in ball and clubhead capture technology - the UNEEKOR QED - and proprietary club fitting software to effectively analyze your swing. 

Now serving the entire Eastern Shore.


The Drop-In weights from Balance-Certified Golf, Inc. have revolutionized the game of golf. It is the first counter-weight technology to bring golfers of all abilities the opportunity to tune every club in the bag to their particular swing. Award winning performance will give enhanced feel, increased distance control and lower scores. Proven fitting systems allow golfers to feel and see the difference immediately. The Drop-In weights are "engineered" for all golfers, all techniques and all brands of clubs.

By putting more weight above the hands a couple of things happen. One, the weight tends to give a greater balance to the putter resulting in keeping the hands quiet and more stokes that keep square to the target. Secondly, with the "right" weight, more feedback is sent to the hands by moving the vibration center (node) further up the shaft. While it may seem insignificant, the resulting feedback in almost all cases results in more distance control and greater "feel." All of these factors have caused our professional Tour players to lower their putting stroke average. The same has been true for our regular golf customers.​

                               AMT - Shaft Stabilizers

Having the correct amount of weight in the grip end of the putter allows the hands to be quiet, promoting a smooth pendulum motion and proper ball speed.  The results are better distance control and less dispersion which means fewer putts.


The AMT allows you to put the correct amount of mass in the correct location giving you the best possible performance for your individual game. AMT, “Adjustable Moment of Inertia Technology” increases shaft MOI by as much as 6327g-cm2, maximizing inertial stability. The Shaft Stabilizer with AMT is designed to enhance "Feel," engineered to maximize efficiency, Tour tested for performance, and is made in the USA.